Avetta Certification

Grizzly Force is proud to be an Avetta-certified supplier.

What does Grizzly Force’s Avetta certification mean?

Avetta is a global organization that works to save lives through a strict safety and supply chain certification process. This includes an individualized pre-qualification procedure that is based on each service provider’s specific business and the risks that come with it. The certification process is rigorous and ongoing, which means Avetta-certified suppliers must consistently keep all the documentation up-to-date and in compliance to retain certification status. Avetta certification is Grizzly Force’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a high level of safety for our workforce and our partners.

Why should I choose an Avetta-certified supplier for my temp labour?

Due to the complex certification process and the constant requirement to stay up-to-date and compliant, our partners can rest easy knowing that their business is being supported by a temp labour partner with a deep commitment to workplace safety. The Avetta network exists to connect businesses with service providers that adhere to all applicable regulations in health, safety, the environment, and other crucial regulations. If you’re in the process of selecting a temp labour partner to work with, we recommend asking them if they’re an Avetta-certified supplier. 

Why does being Avetta-certified save time and money?

When choosing a temp labour partner, it is crucial to verify they adhere to all safety requirements before inviting their workforce on your job site. Requesting proof of insurance is a common practice, however, having insurance merely shows that someone can afford an insurance policy. Choosing the right temp labour provider requires thorough vendor vetting – a process that can be intricate, time-consuming, and challenging. Avetta simplifies this process by handling the substantial certification process, guaranteeing the trustworthiness of your labour partner before you’ve signed anything.

Learn more about Avetta here.

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